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November 30, 2015  -  January 3, 2016

It is our goal at Blackburn Trumpets to provide trumpet players with the finest equipment possible. Each Blackburn Trumpet is made to order with the customer’s desires in mind. Whether you are an orchestral or jazz player, student or teacher, hobbyist or professional…Blackburn Trumpets can fit your needs!

We at Blackburn Trumpets are professional musicians skilled in hand-crafting trumpets. With Master of Music Degrees, active professional playing and teaching careers all combined with over 60 years of trumpet making experience, we are uniquely qualified to provide players with instruments that meet their every need.

Blackburn Trumpets have evolved from more than three decades of combined research and development by Clifford Blackburn, William T. Cardwell (world renowned scientist of trumpet acoustics) and the staff at Blackburn Trumpets. These trumpets are state of the art and second to none!

Clifford Blackburn and many of his professional colleagues decided upon the materials used for Blackburn Trumpet bells after years of play testing under performance conditions. To our knowledge Blackburn Trumpets is the only company using ambronze to produce one piece, hand-hammered trumpet bells. This high copper alloy produces optimal overtones that are rich and pure.

The craftsmanship of Mr. Blackburn’s trumpets is legendary. The valves and slides are precisely fitted to some of the closest tolerances in the industry. The assembly process is done with the minimum of clamps and fixtures so that the finished instrument is free from stress. Each brace is hand fitted to its place and after being carefully soldered, the excess solder is removed by hand scraping. These trumpets are carefully crafted to meet customer’s specifications.

Worldwide, discriminating trumpet players are using Blackburn Trumpets. The staff in Decatur, TN considers it a privilege to serve them by providing incomparable equipment that allows superior performance.

Isn't it time for you to get a Blackburn Trumpet and realize your potential? Give us the opportunity to work with you to achieve this goal.

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