Blackburn Trumpets will be closed from Nov. 30, 2015 - Jan. 3, 2016

What keys of trumpets do you build?

Trumpets in Bb, C, Eb, E and D; Piccolos in G, A, Bb, and C.

Do you build any trumpets other than standard piston valve trumpets?

Yes, we make Rotarys in C and Bb as well as Bb and Eb Cornets.

How do I order a Blackburn Trumpet?

Please refer to our Statement of Policy below.

How much do Blackburn Trumpets cost?

Please refer to our prices listed on our Products page. Our prices haven't increased since 2004. We are proud to offer the same quality and craftsmanship we are known for, while keeping the cost down.

Do I have to come to the shop to try out a Blackburn Trumpet?

No, but it is best if you can. We can show you much more and work much closer with you in our shop than we can over the phone or by mail. However, we have had good success working with customers who don't come to the shop.

If I am not in the U.S. how do I get a Blackburn Trumpet?

That's not a problem. We will deal with you directly if we don't have a dealer in your area. Please contact us for overseas dealers.

I understand your shop is in a rural area. Is there an airport close by?

Yes. Most of our customers fly into either Knoxville, TN or Chattanooga, TN. We are about one hour's drive from either airport.

Do you still make leadpipes for other trumpets?

Yes. We make leadpipes for Bach Bb and C trumpets, Yamaha Xeno Bb and C trumpets, and for Selmer, Schilke, Getzen, Benge, Yamaha, Kanstul and Scherzer piccolo trumpets. We can also do leadpipes for other trumpets on a custom basis but it is always best to talk to us about your desires concerning custom pipes.

How do I get my leadpipe mounted?

Most repair facilities can mount a leadpipe. If your are unsure, check our list of recommended facilities.

Do you still do repair work?

Yes, we can do repair work on your pro-line trumpet. We are a custom shop and can do the necessary repairs that your local repair shop may not be able to handle. If you have specific repair work that needs to be done, please call the shop and we can discuss what your needs are.

Can payments be made with credit cards?

Yes. We accept MasterCard and Visa.

We also accept US Postal Money Orders, Western Union Money Orders, and Certified Check on a US Bank. 

Do you accept personal checks?


I've heard you make bells from a special alloy. What is it?

We make bells from two alloys: Yellow brass (like other trumpets) and Ambronze. Ambronze has a high percentage of copper, a small amount of tin and the remainder is zinc. It has outstanding musical characteristics: purity of tone, outstanding projection and a warmth of tone that we have not found in any other alloy.

Do Blackburn trumpets come with a case?

No. Use the case of your choice.

Do I need to buy a Blackburn Mouthpiece to play with a Blackburn Trumpet?

No. Blackburn trumpets are designed to work with standard trumpet mouthpieces. The only exception is with Blackburn piccolo trumpets - they take a short shank trumpet mouthpiece.

There are many mouthpiece makers in the U.S. that are making mouthpieces that work with our piccolo trumpets.

How is a Blackburn Trumpet different from any other trumpet?

Blackburn Trumpets have been designed using scientific data supplied by William T. Cardwell, one of the most knowledgeable men in the world in the area of trumpet acoustics, to form the air column of our instruments. Because of this, the intonation on a Blackburn Trumpet is superior.

The tone of a Blackburn Trumpet is uniquely full and rich but still easily blends with the other brass instruments in the ensemble.

Each Blackburn Trumpet is made one at a time with great care. The fit of our valves and slides is among the tightest in the industry. All of these factors contribute to some of the finest trumpets that have ever been produced.

Statement of Policy for Blackburn Trumpets

It is our desire to provide our customer with the finest trumpets and service available and we have found it to be of benefit to our customers to supply this policy statement.


To be put on our order list, the customer must send a deposit of at least fifty percent of the total amount of the order. Before delivery of the instrument for the trial period, we must have payment of the balance, plus estimated shipping charges and state sales tax when applicable.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Customers will be charged the current price on the day that the deposit check is received.


Because of the nature of the business of hand-making trumpets, our estimates of delivery dates are not always accurate. While we do our best to meet our estimates, our emphasis is on quality and satisfying our customers with each instrument. We will not sacrifice the quality of our instruments or our service simply to meet someone's deadline. We urge our customers not to schedule performances where Blackburn trumpets are to be used until the instrument is in hand.


The trial period is two weeks, starting from the time the customer receives the instrument. If changes in the instrument are desired, we must know about the desired changes within the two week trial period. Such changes will be made without charge. These changes may be made after the two week trial period, but if we have not been notified within the trial period of the desire to make changes, the customer will be charged the current shop rate for the changes.

If the customer decides to return the instrument for a refund, it must be done within the two week trial period. No refunds will be made after the two week trial period.

Special order parts from other manufacturers (e.g. bells, leadpipes, etc.) are non-refundable. If an instrument with special order parts is returned for a refund, the parts will be removed from the returned instrument and shipped to the customer. The customer will be charged for the parts, labor, and shipping involved in this procedure. The charges will be deducted from the refunded amount. Refunds will never include interest.


We will silver plate all Blackburn trumpets at no extra charge if the instrument is returned to us within the two week trial period. If the customer chooses not to have his instrument plated, there will be a reduction in price as indicated on the current price list. If an instrument is returned for plating after the two week trial period, there may be additional charges for the time involved in cleaning and preparing the instrument for plating.

Gold Plating is available at extra cost!